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Six Benefits Of Pressure Washing

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Las Vegas and the surrounding area are a wonderful place to live, but we get our fair share of dust storms, high winds, and heatwaves. All of these can be punishing for any building's exteriors. If your home or business property needs cleaning, consider choosing a professional pressure washing service.

What's pressure washing? It's a method of cleaning that combines water and often a specialized cleaner. An adjustable amount of pressure is used to send it through the nozzle and either remove or soak the stain. The pressure ranges from high to very low. Some benefits of pressure washing include:

It's A Worthy Investment

Pressure washing can save you money. Over time, dirt and other material can dig into the surfaces of siding, glass, and other surfaces, weakening them and eventually causing cracks. Regular pressure washing helps prevent this from happening and saves you from expensive repair. And with a professional pressure washing service, you don't have to buy or rent any equipment.

It Prepares Your Home Or Business For Other Projects

If you have a deck you'd like to stain, you need to have it cleaned first. Pressure washing is a great way to remove any layers of grime or old paint before you apply any sealant.

It Saves Time

It can take about two to three hours to pressure wash a large, two-story home, which is much faster than how long it would take using other methods. Keep in mind that it's still a physically demanding job, which is another reason many people choose a professional service instead.

It Can Clean Windows

Some people may be unaware that pressure washing can be used to clean windows. The pros at 702 Clean Up Crew use a technique called soft washing to soak dirt and grime and gently rinse it away, leaving sparkling clean windowpanes and frames.

Raises Curb Appeal

Officially, an appraiser doesn't factor in a home's cleanliness when assessing it for sale. But according to several real estate agents, a clean home can sway an appraiser's opinion as he or she examines the property. One thing's for sure: It can't hurt to have your home or business newly cleaned before an appraiser or prospective buyer comes to see it.

Satisfy Warranty Requirements

Many warranties for parts of a home or business require regular cleaning to remain valid. Receipts from a professional pressure washing service are the perfect way to document this.

If you decide that Las Vegas pressure washing is right for you, call 702 Clean Up Crew. We offer concrete cleaning, deck washing, soft washing, and more! In addition, we clean and maintain pools. If your pool needs cleaning or if you just want to make sure it stays crystal clear, call us today!

702 Clean Up Crew is a certified veteran-owned and operated company, so we know the value of hard work and put it to good use, helping our neighbors beautify their home or business properties. Call us today with any questions or for a free estimate of your next project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Pressure washing uses adjustable amounts of water pressure combined with special cleaners to remove grime, vegetation, and other impurities from various surfaces. It works great on ceramic roof tiles, which are popular in the Las Vegas area and have small pores that can only be cleaned by hand-scrubbing or pressure washing. Our expert technicians use low-pressure washing to ensure there is no damage during the cleaning process.

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