Answering Common Questions About Our Henderson House Cleaning Services and More - From Your 702 Clean Up Crew

The Nevada climate poses serious challenges for home exteriors. High winds, extremes of dryness and heat, and other issues can ravage the exterior of your home and other parts of your property. Regular professional cleaning can preserve the luster of your home, reducing both the risk of damage and the cost of maintenance.

We have developed a strong client base for our Henderson house cleaning services, but what exactly are these services, and how can they benefit you?

For those new to the concept of exterior pressure cleaning, we have provided answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

What Kind of Cleaning Services Do You Perform?

The 702 Clean Up Crew performs precision power-washing services for clients throughout the Henderson area. We perform both one-time and also regularly scheduled cleanings of the following exterior features of a home or structure:

  • Soft washing of the exterior
  • Window washing
  • Driveway power cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning

Wouldn’t I Save Money Doing It Myself?

In many cases, you will find that doing it yourself could cost as much, or even more, than hiring a professional service. 

When doing it yourself, you pay for the equipment, and the hundreds of gallons of water used, all of which can be difficult to source cheaply if you do not have extensive industry contacts. This is without even mentioning the cost in terms of your own time and effort.

Will Hiring Pressure Washers Get the Job Done Faster?

Our teams of experienced professionals perform these jobs on a daily basis. We have plans in place to ensure that each job runs as efficiently as possible. Our experience means we can provide high quality results fast.

Both parties benefit from our commitment to outstanding and efficient work. You get your home back to normal and we get to move on to the next job knowing that we have another satisfied client.

Are Professional Pressure Washers Environmentally Concerned?

We take environmental concerns of all types seriously and work as diligently as possible to maintain the lowest possible impact on the environment. This commitment reflects the concerns of both our own company and our clientele.

We use environmentally safe cleaning supplies and recognize the potential problems of heavy runoff, which can carry toxic chemicals into the ground. 

Another concern lies with the use of water. Because our area frequently encounters dryness issues, we make sure to use water as efficiently and as sparingly as possible. 

What Other Problems Do D-I-Y Pressure Cleaners Encounter?

The first thing that we teach our new technicians is to have respect for both the equipment and for the sheer power of a pressurized water stream.

Respecting the process of power washing means that the user has an understanding of the possible dangers. When wrongly used, this equipment can create serious damage to a structure. 

In the worst-case scenario, misused equipment can even lead to serious injuries.

We make sure that each member of our crew demonstrates proficiency with the equipment before using it on the job.

Calling a professional service helps to ensure that inexperience with equipment does not lead to costly damage.

How Can I Get In Touch With 702 Clean Up Crew?

Call us today at (702) 847-7976, or message us here. Our friendly and expert staff look forward to answering your questions or scheduling you for service.

Bring your home or structure’s exterior look back to life with pressure washing by the 702 Clean Up Crew.